Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taking Their Bouzouki and Going Home

It is with a heavy heart that I report that the Decemberists have been forced to cancel the remainder of their U.S. tour, which would have capitalized on their breakthrough record, The Crane Wife, as it wended through New York City, Los Angeles, and other significant American cities. Or maybe they weren't forced; it seems curious to me that the reasoning behind the cancellation is an unnamed illness suffered by an unnamed band member, and while the band members are certainly entitled to their privacy, well, it's just odd.

We here at OPC do appreciate the willingness of the Decemberists to dress up to have their picture taken, although the photo of them in Rolling Stone last year, clad in jockey wear, made keyswoman Jenny Conlee look, tragically, retarded. The Crane Wife, though, remains one of the most tiptop albums out there at this point, and with his grad-school lyrics, careful enunciation, and faux-New England accent (he's actually from Montana), songwriter and frontman Colin Meloy manages to sounds more than any other vocalist in pop music as if he's wearing glasses.

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