Friday, November 16, 2007

New York's All Right If You Like Saxophones

Hearing the saxophone solo at the end of Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years" today, I was struck by how similar it was to the saxophone that played at the end of Saturday Night Live back in the 1970s, the one that would start at the end of the last sketch and continue until the host came back onstage after the promo for Marriott's Essex House, a breath of fresh air on Central Park. That saxophone is the official sound of New York City late-night wistfulness circa 1976.

Taxi, for some reason, opted for flute and electric piano, but that show had saxophone written all over it.


Joe said...

Wait . . . you own "The Record" by Fear? This is shaking my understanding of Nawrockiness.

T. Nawrocki said...

What, you think I sit around listening to Anne Murray all the time?

Joe said...

I thought it was mostly Andy Williams and Squeeze records.