Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Remember California

Highlights of my visit to Southern California this week:

* In-n-Out Burger really is that good. We went the other night at 8:30, and the line for the drive-through was out to the street. And it was totally worth it. I can't imagine why McDonald's or Wendy's can't make a cheesburger half as good as an In-n-Out Burger. I've only had one so far this week, but I have in the past made trips to SoCal where I ate an In-n-Out Burger every single day.

* California is the only place I know of where they refer to the highways with the definite article followed by the number of the road, e.g., the 405. In Chicago, for example, you could say "I-94," or "the Dan Ryan," but never "the 94." But it's surprisingly easy, and even a little bit fun, to say "the 101."

* There's not that much drama in the LBC.

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