Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Power Couple

Did you know Warren Zevon dated Eleanor Mondale? It was brief, but long enough for him to meet Walter. I wonder if Mr. Bad Example knew that he was carrying on with the ex-wife of Keith Van Horne, massive offensive tackle for the World Champion 1985 Chicago Bears, who has to be a foot taller than Zevon and outweigh him by a good 100 pounds, although I guess it doesn't matter now.


Daniel Brogan said...

Back in the day, I covered pop music for the Chicago Tribune. One night at the Rosemont Horizon, Eleanor and Keith were seated a few rows behind me. I knew Eleanor (I had profiled her for the very prestigious USA Weekend), so I climbed over some seats and said hello.

She introduced me to Keith, who couldn't have been more of a sweetheart. At one point, I noticed his Super Bowl ring and made some mention of it. Without a moment's hesitation, he pulled it off his finger and handed it to me. "Here," he said. "Try it on."

Two of my fingers would have probably fit through it, so I just held it in my hand. It was so overwhelmingly gaudy that it was beautiful.

I jokingly told Keith I was surprised he'd just hand something like that over to someone he'd just met. In that instant, the teddy bear vanished. He leaned over the seats the separated us, and his chest and shoulders seemed to inflate like the Incredible Hulk. He towered over me.

In a quiet voice, he spoke. "You're not going anywhere."

I believed him.

T. Nawrocki said...

Great story! Thanks for the contribution. If this was a show by the Cure, with Shelleyan Orphan opening, I was there too.