Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blogrolling in Our Time

You may have noticed that, in our unending quest to make OPC the most valuable choice for your blog-reading dollar, we have now added a blogroll to the site, consisting either of sites run by my friends, sites I enjoy reading myself, or, most happily, both. I invite you to spend a little time at those sites and let me know what you think of them.

Of particular note on that list is the online archives of the radio show proprietated by my friend Gaylord Fields on WFMU, which now features an instant pop-up that allows you to listen to his eclectic hukilau without having to download it, then open up RealAudio or anything. One click does it all. If you haven't heard Gaylord's show, his taste is similar to mine -- lots of bright shiny well-produced pop songs, which shouldn't be confused with popular songs, although he did play America's "Daisy Jane" a few weeks back. If you want to hear a Temptations song sung in Danish, Gaylord is your man.

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