Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zero Effect

If you buy a ten-piece bucket from Kentucky Fried Chicken, you'll see emblazoned in big letters on the side of the bucket, "0 G Trans Fat." Then in tiny print underneath it says "Per Serving."

Now why in the world would you need to specify that a whole bunch of something with no trans fat also contains no trans fats in lesser amounts? It's been a long time since I took math, but zero divided by anything is still zero, is it not?

Perhaps the entire bucket has some small amount of trans fats, like 2 grams for the whole ten pieces, so that each piece has 0.2 grams, and KFC feels like it has the right to round down, but that doesn't seem very kosher. Maybe I should see if I could buy a 0.2 karat diamond ring for five bucks, since rounded down, there'd be zero diamond there.

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