Friday, March 7, 2008

Slicing Up Eyeballs! Ha Ha Ha Ho!

"Don't know about you," Black Francis sings, "but I am un chien Andalusia." Or actually it's more like "I am un CHIEN Andalusia." "I am un CHIEN Andalusia," he then repeats helpfully on the Pixies' great but nonhit song "Debaser."

But that doesn't quite parse, does it? The reference is to Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel's scabrous 1928 short movie Un Chien Andalou, which is French for "the Andalusian dog." Francis has anglicized the Andalou but left the chien alone, giving us a mishmash of French and English (in its original Spanish, the name of the region in Spain is Andalucia).

Or maybe nothing about the song is supposed to be sensical, much like the film that inspired it.

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