Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sleazy Listening

On Casey Kasem's American Top 40 from March 10, 1979, there appeared a long-distance dedication from a high school girl in Maine to a boy who was now away at college, in memory of a seven-hour bus ride they had taken together on a school trip to Montreal, wherein, apparently, sparks flew. You can see where this is going: There is only one late-Seventies song that celebrates a romance in Montreal, and that song, regrettably, is Gino Vannelli's awful "I Just Wanna Stop."

You wish, for this poor kid's sake, that Paul Simon had included a song about Montreal on Still Crazy After All These Years. Or Anne Murray could have done a song about Montreal; she's even Canadian, for Pierre's sake. Anything would be better than having your first love forever connected with Gino Freakin' Vannelli. As they used to say back in the Seventies, bummer.

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