Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Smells Like Team Spirit

Doesn't it seem like there ought to be a lot of overlap between nicknames of professional sports teams and rock bands or singing groups? The formats (and often, the images wishing to be projected) are very similar, but I guess musical groups seek a bit more originality than sports teams. Thus we have a Dell-Vikings, but no Vikings; a Thompson Twins, but no Twins; both a 5 Royales and a Royal Teens, but no Royals; They Might Be Giants, but no confirmed Giants.

Near as I can figure, these are the only true overlapping names:

The Eagles
The Jets
The Orioles
The Kings
The Cardinals (as in Ryan Adams and the)
The Mavericks
The Hawks
The Penguins

I'll give half credit to the Sonics, but not to the Famous Flames. What am I missing?


Daniel Brogan said...

Damn Yankees.

That is the baseball team's full name, right?

T. Nawrocki said...

Good catch. Absolutely right.

Gavin said...

What, you've forgotten the Rockets, who hit #30 in 1979 with "Oh Well"?

Less marginal are the Angels, of Anaheim and of "My Boyfriend's Back" fame.

MJN said...

The Bears didn't have any hits, as far as I know, but they did include Adrian Belew as a member.

MJN said...

Hey Gavin, you wouldn't happen to be the native of North Dakota who attended Michigan State University some 25 years ago, would you?

Mark Lerner said...

There is/was some Oi! (lefty, not righty) band called the Redskins. And I think there's a football team called that.

This reminds me of my epiphany about (mostly reggae and ska) bands named after typography terms. The Itals. The Clarendonians. (Robyn Hitchcock and) the Egyptians. Which turned out not to be much of an epiphany after all, when I couldn't think of any more examples.

T. Nawrocki said...

Gavin: I thought that was the Rockats. Seriously. But I totally blew it on the Angels.

Gavin said...

Hey, (mjn)--

I'm afraid that's not me, since I've never been to North Dakota. I belong to the city, concrete under my feet.