Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Silent All These Years

Now that we have some semblance of a professional blog going here, I want to revisit my first-ever post, on Tori Amos and "Year of the Cat," since I have actually figured out how to embed the video now, plus it's always fun to talk about "Year of the Cat." Watching this again, I noticed how Tori (I get to call her by her first name cuz she's a girl) almost looks like she's in a silent movie, enveloped in an iris, clad in all black and white. She doesn't even speak throughout the whole thing, although she certainly isn't silent.

Al Stewart, on the other hand, remains a total melvin.


B Beckman said...

T Rock,

Your blog totally rocks. I am reading it everyday and digging it. This video was fantastic, arguably the greatest juxtaposition of talent disparity since anyone on the Giants hit in front of or behind Bonds two years ago.

And you are having an impact on my hum drum existence. My 10 year old son is planning on designing and getting made an anti-homework tee shirt. We were brainstorming ideas yesterday a few hours after my OPC fix, and I threw out, "Anyone who assigns homework is a Melvin."

Well I tell you. He and my six year old daughter totally busted a gut on that one. In the middle of his spit take quality laughter, my son blurted "I don't even get it" and then continued rolling on the floor. What fun!

And so thanks. I submit to you that the mark of true comic genius is the ability to absolutely slay an audience with a joke that they fundamentally don't understand. And I got to experience such a moment only because of you. And I did it with a joke that was completely clean! And I did it without even having to pull down my pants or fart!

T. Nawrocki said...

If you're looking for jokes that people don't completely get, you've come to the right place. Half of the time, I don't even get my own jokes. (The melvin line, by the way, was freely stolen from Lisa Simpson.)

And while we here at OPC don't want the blog to become so popular and addictive that it begins to take over our readers' lives... No, wait, that's exactly what we want to happen.