Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lady of Spain

I see where Pedro Almodovar thinks that the only real inconsistency between the looks of Penelope Cruz and her Oscar-nominated role in his 2006 film Volver is the size of her behind -- Almodovar thinks a woman of her station, a spunky working-class mother in contemporary Spain, ought to have a more substantial caboose. One other difference is that there is no woman in the world who holds the job held by Ms. Cruz at the beginning of this movie, where she appears to be cleaning up the corridors of the Madrid airport, who actually looks like Ms. Cruz.

I am not sure in what direction the arrow of causality runs in this particular case, whether women who look like Penelope Cruz don't have to clean airports, or women who clean airports never end up looking like Penelope Cruz, but the rule is ironclad. No one that hot has ever mopped up the floors of O'Hare.


B Beckman said...

Hey OPC, can you be sure to provide us regular updates to this blog, like say with 20 seconds of it (or the update) falling off the main page into archive. Also, for continuity's sake it would be helpful if you could use the same image.

Thanks in advance

T. Nawrocki said...

Updates? There is only one way to read OPC, and that is this:

* Fire up your browser first thing in the morning (I assume OPC is your home page).

* Read anything you may have missed overnight.

* Hit F5 every 20 to 40 seconds all day long to make sure new content is available to you as soon as possible.


B Beckman said...

Yes, but, uh about that image ...