Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Katie Holmes Has Changed

I present to you a landmark video in the career of one Bob Dylan, the clip accompanying "Things Have Changed," his contribution to Curtis Hanson's 2000 film Wonder Boys, featuring the Bard of Hibbing himself alongside members of that feature film's cast. There are three truly notable things about this video:

1. You get to see Bob and Katie Holmes make goo-goo eyes at each other.

2. As near as I can ascertain, this was Dylan's final appearance in public cleanshaven, before the appearance of the pencil-thin mustache that has scarred so many of his fans. Remember, it was on Oscar Night, the evening that Bob won an Academy Award for this very song, that said facial hair was unleashed on an unsuspecting American public for the first time.

3. Right at the very end of the video, in a moment of rock-star quotidian behavior to rival the sequence in No Doubt's video for "Sunday Morning" when Gwen Stefani changes her shoes, Bob Dylan takes a bite out of a sandwich. The moment is even more rich than that, though, since Dylan has long seemed so otherworldly (to me, at least) that I have at times doubted his corporeal presence. Does this man eat? drive? bowl? have cable TV? I could never be quite sure, but here we have irrefutable evidence: Bob Dylan will eat a sandwich.


Kap said...

That's no sandwhich . . . that's a hamburger.

B Beckman said...

I have always thought of Bob as quite quotidian.

It's easy for me to see him sitting on the can, half reading the Onion's This Day in History and half strolling through north west Bob land. Making too loud breathing/grunting noises like that 52 year old business man that is always in the stall next to me (though Bob giving it a distinct rumbling Bob quality). He takes a long time before finsishing, but once his repose is finally broken, he gets impatient and often abandons wiping prior to getting an all white (I am not clear on whether he wipes standing or sitting). He then doesn't wash his hands unless someone else is in there.

Once Tom installs a parent filter, and I can share my Bob Dylan masturbation fantasy.

MJN said...

The Author looks like Peter Lorre? That was unexpected.

T. Nawrocki said...

So was Barry's cringeworthy fantasy of Bob Dylan's excretory habits, but we're all about the unexpected here at OPC.