Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Evil of the New York Yankees Obeys No Earthly Laws

From The Politico:
According to a study last July by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, Republican fans prefer the Yankees over the Mets by a greater proportion than do Democrats. When asked who they would want to win a subway World Series, 62 percent of Republican respondents chose the Yankees, while only 29 percent chose the Mets.

The numbers were more evenly divided among Democrats: 44 percent would choose the Yankees in a subway series, and 41 percent said they would want the Mets to win. (Fifteen percent didn't know or wouldn't say; Red Sox fans, perhaps?)

Nonetheless, Matt Cerrone, founder of the lively Metsblog.com, believes that the Mets have an undeniable Democratic mien. "The Mets tend to have more blue-collar sensibilities, and Democrats tend to be more the working-class party," Cerrone said. "Mets are more fun-loving, lighthearted, … more like liberal progressive thinking."

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Eric said...

Speaking of the Mets, I was as gassed as Spaulding Smells at the country club when Endy Chavez endy-ed that game last night, in the 12th, with a friggin two-out bunt. Last guy to do that was Jake Taylor!

And Chavez didn't even distract the pitcher by pointing yard...