Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Last Thing You Will Ever Want to Hear About Vic Tayback

To bring this whole Vic Tayback thing full circle, David Letterman once presented on a Late Night new products routine a Vic Tayback drinking glass, similar to the glasses featuring stewardesses and other assorted youthful, toothsome females that were sold prominently at finer Spencer's Gifts stores throughout the late '70s. The idea was that you could fill one of those glasses with ice and the comely lass's clothes would disappear; in Letterman's version, the glass featured Tayback -- in his knottiest role as diner owner Mel Sharpels -- and when you filled it with a cold beverage, his greasy T-shirt and other clothing would vanish (a strategically placed frying pan covered his grotty bits, thankfully, although since this is Vic Tayback we're talking about, pretty much his entire body is a grotty bit).

I would give ten bucks for one of those glasses now.

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Vic Tayback said...

You know what I'd give ten bucks for? Flo to wash one of those glasses out! Instead of sitting on her can giving truckers free refills all day. Back to work, ladies! Hen party's over! Oh, and Roscoe Lee Browne, R.I.P! His final words: "Robert Guillame still lives."