Friday, July 25, 2008

On the Radio

One of the local lite-rock [sic] radio stations has begun following each song with a disembodied female voice reciting the artist and title: "Deniece Williams, 'Let's Hear It for the Boy.'" The recording is a bit staticky, I think to help signal that it's not one of the DJs; I assume that whichever broadcasting conglomerate owns (and presumably programs) the station has supplied each of its affiliates with this service.

It's a bit creepy. She sounds like the woman you used to be able to call up and get the time from. I don't think you can do that any more.

In other local radio news, I have discovered that there is still a station that plays American standards and post-Beatles pop hits of the older, mellower variety, which would help explain the failure of Martini on the Rockies. It's Studio 1430 on the AM dial, which means I don't generally stumble across it while flipping through stations in the car, but this kind of thing belongs on AM, doesn't it?

They played the Andrews Sisters' "Rum and Coca-Cola" the other day, which is off the hizzy, although one reason I love that record so much is that it was a central focus of Paul Taylor's "Company B," which is still the finest modern-dance performance I've ever seen. Do you know who wrote the lyrics to that song? None other than our old friend Morey Amsterdam. But I digress.

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tony s said...

I LOVE these kind of stations -- the kind your imaginary grandparents might listen to if they were hip.

Dunno where you are in the states, but here in the DC area at night we can pick up AM 740 from Ontario, Canada, which plays standards old and new.

You can listen online:

They also play Top 40, so be prepared for an alternate reality, where you hear unknown-in-the-US acts like Gary and Dave, Terry Black* and Brian Protheroe as if they were the Grass Roots or something.

*NOT Terry Jacks who did "Seasons in the Sun." A different guy.