Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cut Off

A while back I posted on a new radio station out here calling itself Martini on the Rockies and playing what it described as cosmopolitan music, ranging from Nat King Cole to John Mayer. I may be the only one around who cares about such things, but that format has apparently proved untenable: This morning on that same station I heard a Foo Fighters song, followed by some ghastly thing that had Chad Kroeger of Nickelback teaming up with Carlos Santana. The station now calls its profferings Martini Music.

I can't say that I'm all that surprised. Denver may be a lot of things, but musically sophisticated surely isn't one of them. This is the city that unleashed the Fray on an unsuspecting world, remember. I used to listen to an AM station in New York City that focused on American standards, but it too eventually shut down and relaunched as Radio Disney, which certainly must be a metaphor for something. If that kind of thing doesn't go over in NYC, it's not going to work here either, no matter how much people like Norah Jones.

So if you're in Colorado and you're jonesing for some Cole Porter, looks like you'll have to come over to my house.


Christine said...

If you have an internet connection there is a great internet station playing this great music its

T. Nawrocki said...

Thanks, Christine. I think most of the people here do indeed have Internet connections, so that's very helpful.

Pike said...

We're not all in the media elite here, Mr. T. Nawrocki, if that is your real name. How can I learn more about getting an Internet connection?

Pike said...

(I would love it if 250 people jonesing for Cole Porter showed up at your house.)