Friday, July 11, 2008

Not Just Anybody

One more note on Help!, which isn't very good, aside from the scenes of the Beatles playing songs, and the scenes of the Beatles interacting with one another, which sadly enough is only about half the movie. There's a nice moment when George says, "I'm always getting winked at these days. Used to be you, didn't it, Paul."

Seeing the boys making music is pretty great, of course, especially since they seem to be enjoying it so much. MTV later made some announcement about how Richard Lester, the Philadelphia native who directed Help!, was the father of music videos. Lester, unimpressed, then quipped that he was demanding a paternity test.

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Pike said...

Roy Kinnear, whom every Richard Lester fan will recall, died before his time. (Name-drop alert!) So Michael Caine is telling me (current issue GQ; I'll send a PDF to anyone who wants it for free) ... anyway, he's telling this story about the beloved Kinnear and I said I'd thought he (Kinnear) had died of a heart attack. Caine said no. This is part of his (Caine's) horse-terror these days. He'll never get on a horse again, especially after Chris Reeve's accident. (Isn't it obnoxious how I called him "Chris" just there, as though we were pals?)

But Kinnear evidently fell off a horse and died instantly. So Caine shouted -- really loudly -- "And it was bloody Richard Fuckin' Lesta who was directin' him at da bloody fucking toime!"

Good times. Good times.

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