Monday, July 21, 2008

Feast on scraps

As you may have detected from some of the comments put up in the past few days, the Web site/blog kept by frequent OPC contributor scraps, which I had assumed to be defunct, is actually alive and kicking, and tighter, tighter. If you've enjoyed scraps' comments here at OPC - and boy howdy, who hasn't - you'll enjoy his own Weblog as well, right here.

On a related topic, Gavin (who first brought scraps into the OPC fold) also recently alerted me to a blog by another friend of his, That's the blog, not the friend. Koax! Koax! etc. covers many of the same topics as OPC, but in an almost ridiculously opposite fashion: where we are terse, bitingly factual, and updated frequently, Koax Koax! etc. is discursive, highly opinionated and updated about as often as John McCain gets through an interview without embarrassing himself. Plus, his blog is well written.

Both are worth checking out.


Pike said...
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Pike said...

What does any of this have to do with the aforementioned "OPS"?

Scraps said...

Rossney is brilliant. I wish he posted more. There's not much I miss about the Well, but I miss his posts.

As for my own sporadic activity, thanks for the shout. I really need to start writing longer pieces again.

Gavin said...

Eventually, all my friends will link to each other on their blogs!

BTW, Scraps has a variety of names (although I've been calling him Scraps the whole time I've known him), but so far as I know, all of them start with a capital letter.