Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's Entrainment?

"That's entrainment," Van Morrison sings on his new single, "Entrainment." "That's entrainment," he adds by way of explanation, "that's entrainment, that's entrainment, that's entrainment."

What's entrainment? Did he mean to say "That's entertainment"? No, he meant entrainment: "Entrainment is when you connect with the music," Van the Man has been quoted as saying. "Entrainment is really what I'm getting at in the music... It's kind of when you're in the present moment - you're here - with no past or future."

But according to, this is what entrainment is:

1. Chemistry. (of a substance, as a vapor) to carry along (a dissimilar substance, as drops of liquid) during a given process, as evaporation or distillation.
2. (of a liquid) to trap (bubbles).
3. Meteorology. to transfer (air) into an organized air current from the surrounding atmosphere (opposed to detrain).

Jann Wenner once told me I was a Van Morrison lookalike. Who among you can say the same?


Pike said...

Where's the challenge? I can say the same. You're a Van Morrison lookalike.

(Aren't you setting the bar a wee bit low with these questions?)

T. Nawrocki said...

It's a big tent here. We're trying to keep things easy for the readers.