Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seeing Double

On the Billboard charts for January 11, 1975, the Number One song in the nation was "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," as recorded by the British pianist Elton John. The Number One album in the nation that week was Greatest Hits, also recorded by Elton John (and the first album ever owned not just by me but by illustrious Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine as well) - and "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" wasn't even on it.

I wonder if that's ever happened at any other time, when an artist had a Number One single and Number One album simultaneously, without having that single appear on that album. "Good Vibrations" went to Number One for the Beach Boys in December 1966, while Pet Sounds may still have been on the album charts, but since Pet Sounds peaked at Number Ten, they obviously didn't hold the top spot at the same time.

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Gavin said...

A little research reveals that on the week of May 30, 1964, the Beatles hit #1 with "Love Me Do," which was not included on their chart-topping album, The Beatles' Second Album.