Friday, January 4, 2008

Men in Uniform

I have added to my blogroll Paul Lukas' "Uni Watch," an obsessive look at the intersection of fashion and sports. In addition to its microscopic look at the shifts and gradations of today's uniforms - it's practically written a book on Clinton Portis' socks - my favorite part of the blog is the collection of old photos that has been assembled there. Just check out that picture of Giants center Mel Hein from 1945. When have you ever seen old NFL photos in such glorious color? The whole site is well worth checking out.


MJN said...

Can't say that I could find the collection of old photos assembled at Uni Watch, although I tried. But the Mel Hein photo: you mean to tell me that you don't think it's a b&w that's been colorized?

T. Nawrocki said...

I misspoke to say there was a "collection" of old photos. Rather, there are frequent links to such old photos.

And you are right to say this Mel Hein shot was colorized; the stands behind him are clearly in black and white.