Sunday, August 19, 2007

That's Gin

There's a radio station here in Denver -- I assume it's widespread around the nation as well, although there wasn't an analogue when I lived in New York (where even the American standards station had gone out of business, making way for Radio Disney) -- calling itself Martini on the Rockies (get it?). The format encompasses everything that the station deems "cosmopolitan" (get it?), which can range from Nat King Cole to modern hits like Gomez' delightful "See the World." Basically, any song where the drummer uses brushes passes muster.

Any radio station that plays Frank Sinatra is aces in my book, but there's one thing very, very wrong with Martini on the Rockies, aside from the fact that they think that John Mayer's "Daughters" is actually a decent song: The DJs refer to the songs they play as martinis, as in "We have a nice martini from Bonnie Raitt coming up next."

They're not martinis, guys. They're just good old-fashioned songs, most of which are better than martinis.

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