Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Odd Couple Mea Culpa

I have tremendous respect for Jack Klugman, but I'm afraid the man has done me and you, my readers, a disservice. I mentioned that in his memoir Klugman described how "The Odd Couple" switched from being shot on film to being shot in front of an audience on videotape during the first sesason. I just got a copy of the first season DVD of The Odd Couple" (smartly packaged with a whopping five discs in a normal-sized DVD sleeve, rather than a bulky book of them) and I can tell you: He's wrong. The entire first season was shot on film, with no studio audience. The enormous changeover in the show happened over the summer between the first and second seasons.

I apologize. I will see if Garry Marshall has any explanation for this.

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