Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When I first heard "Trouble," a minor hit from Ray LaMontagne that came out in 2004, the voice was reminiscent of no one so much as Mavis Staples, and I envisioned the singer as a 68-year-old black woman. I wouldn't have been at all surprised to be dealing with a woman named Ray, since I have previously come across females named Michael and James and Curtis.

LaMontagne's current single, "Three More Days," sounds a little different, enough so that I went looking for a picture of the singer. It turns out that he's not 68 years old, and he's not black. He's not even a woman. (His real first name, fascinatingly enough, is "Raycharles.") He is painfully shy, however: His own Web site, near as I could tell, contains nary a picture of the man.

However, I was able to track down a photo of the man. Whenever I see a guy with a beard like that, I think he must be one of three things: Grizzy Adams, very lazy, or psychologically trying to hide himself from the world. I don't know LaMontagne well enough to know which is which.

Photo by Steven Hopson,

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