Friday, May 4, 2007

Blog News

We got a lot of letters here at OPC, or at least we like to pretend we do. Mostly they're along the lines of "Where do you get off busting on a true artist like Tom Petty?" and "I write way better than you, why can't I get my own blog?" and, most chillingly, "What r u wearing?"

Here's one from a Mr. Peter Yarrow of New York City:

"One Poor Correspondent" is the best thing that has happened to me since the day I got out of prison. Is there some simple way I can tell my friends about it?

Whoops, that was actually supposed to be Name Withheld by Request. Oh well, too late now. Well, Mr. Request, this is your lucky day, because OPC now comes with a special feature allowing you to email posts to Paul, Mary, and whomever else you'd like to clue in. Just click on the little envelope with the arrow at the bottom of each post, and OPC will do the rest. And the best thing is, this feature is retroactive, so you can dig into our archives and send off that post on "The Name Game" that made such a deep impression on all of you.

Thanks, NWR!

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