Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad Comic Update

I always thought Tony Rosato was horribly unfunny when he was on SCTV, and took at as an emblem of just how far Saturday Night Live had fallen in the early 1980s when he was enlisted to join the cast of that august show (along with the equally unentertaining SCTV alumna Robin Duke) rather than one of its A-listers, like Eugene Levy or Andrea Martin.

But geez, that's hardly a reason to send throw the guy in prison for two years without even a trial. (By the way, the fact that the writer of that article could say "Industry buzz pegged him as the next John Belushi" indicates that he or she never saw Rosato perform. Industry buzz never even pegged Tony Rosato as the next Jim Belushi.) What does Canada think it is, George Bush's America?

(Thanks to Mark Evanier's invaluable blog newsfromme.com for tipping OPC off to this story.)


MJN said...

Hey, what do you have to do to get Google to find your blog, OPC? Googling "Tony Rosato" plus "next John Belushi" finds the original Toronto Star article, as well as blogs/forums from Velvet Rope, Parkdale Pictures, Zogby, Yahoo! 360°, digg, freerepublic, yendi, and aintitcool, but not OPC. I think you ought to take a road trip to Mountain View and pound on a few doors.

Incidentally, all of those references to Rosato as the "next John Belushi" are lifted directly from Dale Anne Freed of the Toronto Star. Where she got it from, I couldn't say.

T. Nawrocki said...

I just found out that I needed to submit my URL to Google in order for it to be searched. So let's see if that works.