Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Walrus Was Faul

As I mentioned, I took a tour through the Web site Mark Lerner brought to our attention the other day. The proprietor (apparently some Italian dude whose name wasn't immediately apparent) has established some pretty solid evidence that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by someone he calls “Faul” – the false Paul. Italiano presents side-by-side photos from before and after Sgt. Pepper to show how the person presented to us as Paul had a different chin, a different-shaped head, even that he was taller. The evidence here is not just that he suddenly appears taller than John Lennon, whom he was once the same height as, but before and after photos with Jane Asher showing how his relative height seems to have changed.

So not only did this Faul look somewhat like the old McCartney, and sing like him, and play bass like him, and even somehow persuade his new Beatles mates to make the Magical Mystery Tour movie, which was all Paul’s, or Faul’s, idea, but Jane Asher – who must have been devastated when her boyfriend died – was even willing to sleep with Faul just to keep up appearances. That’s what you call taking one for the team.

(Incidentally, I’ve never heard any of the Paul Is Dead theorists introduce as evidence the fact that right around Sgt. Pepper - which came right after Paul died - was when the other Beatles started to get sick of McCartney and the group started to splinter. But it seems like an obvious claim to me: The other Beatles liked Paul, but they didn’t care for this new guy Faul.)

Unfortunately for Italiano, his logic starts to fall apart around 1969-70, when he claims that Faul grew a beard to cover the scars from another round of plastic surgery. Think about this: After fooling all the Beatles fans for a couple of years, after making his bones by writing and singing “Let It Be,” when the band was on the verge of collapsing, why would Faul need additional plastic surgery? He’d already won! The game was over. There’s no way Allen Klein would have signed off on that kind of unnecessary expense.

In my personal opinion, if Faul was capable of coming up with “Hey Jude,” maybe he, rather than Paul, should have been in the band in the first place.


Marshall said...

Imagine how pissed Fete Best was when he got kicked out of the band.

Repoz said...

Funny, I always thought it was about this guy.

Mark Lerner said...

You should be charging for this service. "OPC reads the crazy internet so you don't have to!" Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice review of the site. I've been looking at this pretty deeply since having come across the same site about a year ago. I've looked at lots of videos and photos before and after around Oct/Nov 1966 and I, to my mind, know it is a different human after 1966. I can't speak to reasons or how or why, just that he is different. The best evidence isn't the album clues and what-not, but is the actual photos and audio. Listen to She's Leaving Home and When I'm 64 for example. The real Paul was the ultimate pop star, and his replacement became a decent performer in his own right. Interestingly of course is that the charade is still going on today. Its fun to do your own research on this and see it yourself. Next time in Borders look at ANY photos of Paul before and after 1966 and compare.