Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hunter Gets Captured by the Chairman

In 1970, Wanda Young, the former lead singer of the Marvelettes, recorded her first and only solo album, produced by Smokey Robinson. Before the album was released, though, Berry Gordy decided it had a better shot at success if it was sold as a Marvelettes album, so the album was re-christened The Return of the Marvelettes, even though Wanda was the only singer on the entire thing.

And what to do about the album cover? Smokey had the idea to create an image in an Outlaw Josey Wales fashion, with Wanda and the other two Marvelettes astride horses - except there were no other Marvelettes. So the artist got two female members of the Undisputed Truth to mount horses, took the cover shot, then airbrushed their faces out of existence:

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