Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Denting Bucky

After I described Bobby Goldsboro's "A Butterfly for Bucky" as atrocious the other day despite admitting I'd never heard it, Rob in comments did us the dubious favor of posting the song's YouTube video so we could all hear it. Let me just say this: I was not wrong.

Rob compared the song to "Blind Man in the Bleachers," which, while hardly a good record, at least is an original if glurge-y story with a nice twist ending that can be somewhat touching if you're in the right mood for it. Properly titled "Last Game of the Season (A Blind Man in the Bleachers)," it went to Number Eighteen in the fall of 1975 and was the second and final Top Forty hit for David Geddes of "Run Joey Run" fame.

When you make David Geddes look good, you know you've really accomplished something. "A Butterfly for Bucky" is up to that mission; I literally LOLed twice while listening to it. The music is tamer and more bloodless than most elevator music, and the "story," such as it is, is too plotless and hamfisted to even make Chicken Soup for the Blind Kid's Soul. You can blame Rob for this:

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