Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Stuff I Just Now Noticed

Toward the end of "Middle of the Road," Chrissie Hynde sings "I'm not the cat I used to be/I got a kid, I'm thirty-three, baby," shortly before she goes "purr-rowr!" As if that song needed to get any better.


Marshall said...

For years, knowing I had to be wrong, I believed the lyric was:

"Well I'm standing in the middle of life / With my pants behind me."

Chicago police later corrected me on this, with a very stern reminder that leaving your pants behind you was "not cool."

(See what I did there, Joe?)

T. Nawrocki said...

I see references online to both "with my pains behind me" and "with my plans behind me." But I hear it clearly as "with my pants behind me," which is by far the best of the three.

Marshall said...

These days, I try to keep my pants both behind and ahead of me. Sort of an FYI.