Friday, December 19, 2008

Love Those Sugar Jets

I've been meaning to write up a report on my trip to Paul Is Dead-land at the site Mark Lerner mentioned in comments the other day, but I haven't had the time. Until I do, please enjoy this voyage through 100 different cereal boxes (hat tip to the invaluable Mark Evanier). I'm especially partial to the Cap'n Crunch, King Vitaman and Quisp, since they were all exactly the same thing in different formats. (Note that the Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries is filed under "Cr," not "Ca.")

Dig in.


MJN said...

I thought Quake was the same thing as Cap'n Crunch and King Vitaman, not Quisp. You can still purchase Quisp at one of the local grocers here in Quaker Oats country, if you'd like to refresh your memory. Quake, sad to say, is long gone.

Kinky Paprika said...

Born too late for Sir Grapefellow. Sigh.

T. Nawrocki said...

Quisp, as I recall, is the same thing as the others, except saucer-shaped.

Marshall said...

I'm old enough to remember that there was actually a vote held (thanks, marketing guys!) to "decide" between Quisp and Quake.

Evidently the propeller-headed silly and the rocky blob had some kind of substantive political difference.

I voted for Quisp. Soon thereafter, Quake was off the market.