Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Won't See Me

The byword in minor league baseball is to do things that are original and eye-catching will also being cheap. That's what the erstwhile Casper Rockies have done this season, changing their name to the delightful Casper Ghosts. The team did have to lay out some cash for the rights from Classic Media, but they were able to scrimp on the other end: "We've added Casper as one of our mascots," said Casper general manager Matt Warneke, "but remember he's invisible."

That's awesome: an invisible mascot. That already makes Casper the least annoying mascot in baseball history. Maybe by this time next year they'll be able to afford a Wendy the Good Little Witch down the foul lines.

1 comment:

MJN said...

Beats changing their name to the Weinbergers.