Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bleed It Out

When he introduced Alice Cooper's latest hit on the June 14, 1975, edition of America Top Forty, Casey called it "Only Women." I checked in my Whitburn, and there too it's called "Only Women."

What the devil is going on here? I've known that song as "Only Women Bleed" for a good thirty years now. The usual suspects on the Internet call it "Only Women Bleed." And Alice says "Only women bleed" enough times in the song for it to have deserved a mention in our roundup of repetitive phrases a few months back (I get 17 on lyricsfreak, but I think it was more than that).

It turns out that the song was called "Only Women Bleed" on Alice's Welcome to My Nightmare album, but some pusillanimous execs at Atlantic changed the song's name for the single version. Fat lot of good it did, eh?

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