Thursday, June 12, 2008

What You Say About His Company Is What You Say About Society

Rush bassist/frontman Geddy Lee turns out to be not only a person of great generosity, which isn't a tremendous surprise, but a massive fan of Negro League baseball, which is. Lee is donating nearly 200 baseballs signed by Negro Leagues legends to the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City. Thanks to friend of OPC Joe for the tip.

The funny thing is, Geddy is of course from Toronto, where there never was Negro League baseball, as far as I can tell. While we're on the subject, his real first name is Gary; "Geddy" comes from the way his heavily Polish-accented mother used to say his name.

Quick, what was Geddy Lee's biggest hit? That's right, it was "Take Off," with Geddy providing the sung chorus over Bob and Doug MacKenzie's rapping, inspiring a whole generation of hip-hop hits. That went to Number 16 in 1982. Rush's biggest hit was "New World Man," which hit Number 21 later that same year.

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