Friday, June 27, 2008


Maybe it's just because I've been watching old Saturday Night Lives at the same time that I've been reading The Beatles (literally, at some points), but whenever I see John Belushi, I can't help thinking of John Lennon. Belushi was never the most versatile (Aykroyd) or beloved (Gilda) of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. There were weeks when he hardly had anything to do.

But Belushi was somehow always the most important one. Even when Chevy Chase was there and becoming a bigger star (for the moment), Belushi's anarchy always captured the show's ethos better than Chase's preppy preening. Belushi was also the only one I can ever remember being called a genius.

Anyway, in some shots, Belushi even looks like Lennon, with his heavy-lidded eyes and turned-down nose. And of course they were both doomed.

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