Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Just Want to Be on the Side That's Winning

Bob Dylan won an honorary Pulitzer Prize yesterday, in the category of, well, no category that I can see, other than people want to give prizes to Bob Dylan. There is a Pulitzer Prize in music, which went to David Lang for "The Little Match Girl Passion," a piece I have yet to hear. Perhaps our local Modern Rock station will have reason to put it into rotation now.

Dylan has already won an Oscar, for his song "Things Have Changed" from the 2000 motion picture Wonder Boys (it also won him a Golden Globe), and he's won a fistful of Grammys - the three late-period masterpieces have all won Contemporary Folk Album of the Year, World Gone Wrong won Traditional Folk Album, "Someday Baby" and "Cold Irons Bound" [!] won Best Rock Vocal.... Do you remember what his first Grammy was for? He got the Kennedy Center Honors in 1997, and has won a bunch of other stuff like Spain's Prince of Asturias Award, the Polar Music Prize (a Swedish Nobel-type award established by, no kidding, ABBA's manager), and the Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres.

He hasn't won an Emmy or a Tony yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see those pop up. Then again, my reverence for Dylan is such that I wouldn't be surprised to see him win the Cy Young Award.

And of course, Dylan's first Grammy came for "Gotta Serve Somebody," which won Best Rock Vocal in 1980. None of his stuff before that was worthy.


rob said...

Dylan deserves the Cy for "Catfish," which may be the best song ever about a Cy Young Award winner (unless you count "Rocket Man").

T. Nawrocki said...

I guess Men Without Hats' "The Ballad of Steve Bedrosian" never really caught fire.

Of course, Jonathan Richman's "Walter Johnson" would dominate this category if they had had the Cy Young Award back in the teens.