Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Here You Thought You'd Never See Kate Smith Singing "Hey Jude"

If you read Mark Evanier's invaluable blog News From Me, as I have recommended on this site several times, you've already seen the following clip. Some might call it kitsch, but I don't believe in kitsch, so I'll just call it boffo.

It's from The Cher Show in 1975, and it features a Beatles medley as sung by the unlikely all-star team of Cher (wearing a dress designed to show off her famous midriff), Tina Turner (wearing a dress designed to show off her famous legs), and Kate Smith (wearing a dress designed, thankfully, to cover as much as possible), with, tossed in for comic relief, Tim Conway (wearing at one point a yellow submarine). Cher and Tina look totally into it, especially during "Day Tripper" - or totally out of it, as the case may be.

All you need is glitter:

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