Thursday, April 10, 2008

Helpful Hint

I have developed a chisanbop-style method of pressing my fingers against the steering wheel as I listen to the radio in the car, counting off the number of times I hear a key phrase in a song. Fortunately, our numerical system is rooted in base ten and, by coincidence, I have ten fingers, so this system makes counting easy. It is through the use of this method that I am able to tell you that the Four Seasons' "Who Loves You" contains exactly 20 repetitions of the phrase "who loves you." I recommend you try this next time "Let It Be" comes on your car radio.

"Who Loves You" was a big comeback hit for the Four Seasons, going to Number Three in the fall of 1975, a full seven years after their last chart hit (a 1968 version of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"). It was their biggest hit since 1965's "Let's Hang On!" Of course, Frankie Valli had scored a couple of solo hits earlier in 1975, with the sweet "My Eyes Adored You" and the pointless "Swearin' to God."

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