Friday, April 18, 2008

Bob Dylan Approximately

Big ups to friend of OPC Mark for pointing us to this expanded version of the Vanity Fair article on Theme Time Radio Hour that we mentioned the other day. This one has everything the print version had - and in a newly readable form of type - plus many more quips and comments from the Bard of Hibbing.

Among the bonnest of the bon mots:

“Willie Nelson’s tour bus runs on cooking oil….I’ve toured with Willie…sometimes late at night you can see us, I’m filling up my tank at the gas station and he’s filling his up at Denny’s.”

Re Robert Parker’s "Barefootin’": “The man who wrote the national anthem of shoelessness.”

Re Tex Williams' "Brother Drop Dead": “Some people die too soon. Others, you’re kind of hoping. Tex Williams has a song for such a situation.”

“Music City USA – one of the only places where a banjo player can make a six figure income.”

“A giraffe can go a long time without water. But he wants to see a menu right away.”

“I leave you with the words of Benjamin Franklin. ‘He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.’ Thank you, Ben. Peace out.”

Thanks, Mark!

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