Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just Like Ed Brown's Blues

According to a confusingly designed article in the new Vanity Fair, at one point on Theme Time Radio Hour, Bob Dylan made a reference to Chico and the Man. I am sorry I missed that one. Maybe he was playing some Della Reese.


Joe said...

I loved that VF spread. It's not the design that's confusing; maybe the type is hard to read, but turning it sideways seemed like part of the fun. It felt like an gatefold album cover from the '70s.

T. Nawrocki said...

It was a great idea, great research, but I gave up on trying to figure out the number of times he'd played each artist.

And why has he talked to Billy Vera four times? Billy Vera?

Joe said...

But it says the number of times he's played each artist!

Billy Vera is an expert in doo-wop and soul. He's been compiling box sets from the Atlantic vaults of deep cuts for Rhino Handmade. I've never heard him on the show -- only heard the show twice -- but if you wanted to talk to a guy about the Clovers, the Crescendos, Judy Clay or Howard Tate, then Billy Vera would be your man.

T. Nawrocki said...

But it says the number of times in a wavy, variable-sized, sideways-printed font that I found impossible to follow.

That's cool about Billy Vera. I knew him only from "At This Moment" and "I Can Take Care of Myself."