Thursday, June 7, 2007

Teen Titans

One of the obsessions of this blog is the youthfulness of many of the people who have created the rock & roll we have come to enjoy over the years. Reading Here, There and Everywhere, the memoir of Geoff Emerick, who served as sound engineer for the Beatles in the latter half of their career, I started wondering how much of this was influenced by the British style of schooling. Here in the U.S. we tend to keep kids from entering the working world until as late as possible, usually by sending them backpackigng through Europe or enrolling them in dental school.

In England, by contrast, they kick a lot of kids out of school and force them to make their own way in the world in their mid-teens. This has resonance not just for, say, the guys in the Clash, but even for technicians like Geoff Emerick, who went to work as an assistant sound engineer for EMI Studios at the age of fifteen.

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