Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Boys Are Back in Town

Hey, how come nobody told me the Old 97s are in Peyton Reed's 2006 film The Break-Up? Vince Vaughn notes on the DVD commentary that he knew of the boys since "Time Bomb" was used over the opening credits of his film Clay Pigeons (I wonder if Janeane Garofalo, who was also in Clay Pigeons, got into the Old 97s at that point as well, or maybe it was she who suggested using them for those credits, but at any rate Janeane is a fan as well, since she had them on The Late Show when she guest-hosted for Dave Letterman), and that he thought they would work well in this film too. He asks Jennifer Aniston on the DVD commentary if she liked filming the scene, in which she goes to see the boys at the Riviera, and she replies, "I liked listening to the Old 97s." Good on you, Jen.

Chicago (where the film is very deeply set) has always been big for the band, and is obviously where the Empty Bottle of "Barrier Reef" fame is, although the Riviera looks loaded to the gills. Also, Rhett looks like he spent as much time on his hair as Miss Aniston did.

If you get the DVD, check out the bonus materials and go to the Three Brothers tour of Chicago, then go to the part at the Riviera Theatre, which is acutally hosted by the boys themselves. The movie itself is rather unremarkable, but the Old 97s, of course, are anything but.

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