Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oklahoma City Looks Oh-So-Pretty

Trivia Time: What song was covered by Nat King Cole, the Rolling Stones, and Depeche Mode? Why it's "Route 66," of course, written by Bobby Troup, and when I was ten I would have said he was best known as Dr. Joe Early on Emergency!, but I am no longer ten.

The fun thing about the Stones' version is that they've clearly never heard of half the towns in the song, so Mick ends up singing things like "It goes to St. Louie/Down through Missouri" rather than "Joplin, Missouri," and "Don't forget 'Nona." You can forgive him for that last one, because as you took Route 66 west, you actually got to Winona, Arizona, just before you reached Flagstaff, not afterward, so it's a mite confusing. But the proper geographics wouldn't have rhymed.

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