Thursday, June 21, 2007

Grandma Goes to Colorado

The great Roger Clemens (seen at right with two lesser members of Aerosmith) pitched for the Yankees today in Denver against the Rockies, who beat the Rocket and completed their three-game sweep of the Bronx Bombers. Clemens couldn't even get out of the fifth inning. Here he explains why:

"I was taking deep breaths on the mound. My mouth got dry a couple times," Clemens said. "That was the more difficult part. Heat or cold is not a big deal. The one inning a storm blew in and the wind changed direction. The wind hit my chest and caused me to throw the ball out of the zone. But I made the adjustment. Then, the wind started to blow straight out."

Then there was this spider that crawled across the mound, and you know how I hate spiders. Then I noticed one of the fans was wearing a derogatory T-shirt, which hurt my feelings...

There is no truth to the rumor that the Yankees plan to have Clemens make his next start wearing a shawl.

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Rick said...

Thats just funny