Thursday, March 29, 2007

You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can't Listen to REO Speedwagon Without Retching

I know everyone is all pumped about Opening Night and the Mets taking on the Cardinals Sunday evening, but thanks to a St. Louis sports blog, you will know to tune in a little bit late:

REO Speedwagon will sing the national anthem in conjunction with the Tuesday release of the band’s new album, “Find Your Own Way Home” (which kind of describes my trip back from Memphis, but that’s another story), and will feature “10 original songs returning to the classic REO Speedwagon sound of power ballads and melodic rock anthems,” according to the press release. No word if the anthem will be a ”power ballad” or “melodic rock anthem”.

Me, I'm going to wait and catch the two living members of Foghat doing the anthem before the Twins/Orioles game.

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Russ Hicks said...

...And the son of a poor correspondent will bring you home...