Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hogan's Pallbearers

Just for no reason, here's a picture of Larry Hovis, Leon Askin and Robert Clary (better known as Carter, General Burkhalter, and LeBeau) at Bob Crane's funeral in 1978. You won't find such utterly pointless yet fascinating images on just any blog.

This picture comes to us via the utterly pointless yet fascinating Web site Find a Death, which is an excellent way to kill an hour or three. It covers the last hours of many of Hollywood's leading lights, as well as many more of its lesser lights, and while obviously there are more gripping stories to be found under people like Bob Crane or Chris Farley, it's nice to find out how Richard Deacon died as well. Plus, the proprietor likes to include pictures of the often surprisingly humble dwellings these folks resided in during their final days; Shemp Howard, for example, lived in this apartment building fit for a Stooge, and this is where LaWanda "Aunt Esther" Page waved her last Bible.

My favorite Find a Death story concerns a onetime Hollywood hottie named Linda Darnell, who had managed to see her career rise skyward then plummet all the way down by the age of 41 to, of all places, Glenview, Illinois, where she was living while appearing in a play in nearby Skokie in 1965. Then the house burned down. Glenview is a nice enough town, but for a onetime starlet to be reduced to living there, only to die horribly in a house fire, is literally adding injury to insult.

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