Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rock Rule No. 47

If your band has identical twins in it, you will be consigned to one-hit wonderdom.

Cases in point:
The Proclaimers
Spandau Ballet

Exception that proves the rule: Styx, which had many hits, featured twin brothers John and Chuck Panozzo (on drums and bass, respectively), but they were fraternal twins.


Pike said...

Your Rock Rules are numbered in no particular order.

I cannot believe I'm paying $600 a year to read this blog.

T. Nawrocki said...

They are not numbered in no particular order. They are being published in no particular order. There is a difference.

Just be glad you got the "Charter Subscriber" discount.

Pike said...

Well, you parse that however you like, President Clinton! All's I know is, when I spend Baby Jenny's food money on a blog, and the Rock Rules aren't in any apparent order, and the wife starts asking questions, I start looking as dumb as a bag of hair.

B Beckman said...

pike - your thinking about this all wrong - as a grossly overweight shut-in residing in the suburb of a mid-size Ohio city (Dayton?) your life was without reason until the white, hot, brilliant shining light of OPC somehow found and saved your sad, sad self. Do the math my friend, this blog has a total of like 12 posts, your poor little self has contributed 426 comments. That's not sending a "I came to this blog as a fully functioning self-realized active participant in society" message to the rest of us.

But, look, you now have a reason to wake up, put on a fresh pair of boxers and a wife beater, and experience some sembelence of what the rest of us affectionally call a life. You have OPC to thank that you have become reacquainted with use of a bathroom and that the bed sores have begun to heal. $600 - its worth infinitely more than that.

God bless.

Pike said...

Point taken!

(Though ... "sembelence"? "Affectionally"?)

B Beckman said...

I can't help it if nawrocki couldn't afford spell check for this thing.