Saturday, March 31, 2007

Puck Ponderings

Sorry for the light posting today, but I spent the afternoon at the Colorado Avalanche/Minnesota Wild game, which I believe was the first professional sports contest I have ever attended in which neither team was plural.

I never fail to be surprised at how many women show up for hockey games properly garbed. Wearing a hockey jersey really says something about a woman; usually, what it seems to say is "I work at an auto-parts store."

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MJN said...

Several years ago, Dan McNeil of WSCR Radio in Chicago unleashed an infamous rant about the women who attended Blackhawks games. This would have been at the Chicago Stadium, which was about as unladylike as a major sports arena could be, with its cramped, narrow seats and standing fluids on the restroom floors. I wish I could remember the details of McNeil's tirade, because he was extremely unkind to those ladies. These days, of course, neither women nor men go to Blackhawks games, not even when the Hawks give out free tickets.