Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'

Blogger Matthew Duss of The American Prospect has also been following this critical story on the Tom Scholz/Barry Goudreau/Mike Huckabee dustup. Duss delivers the following analysis of how this might ultimately influence the delegate count:

Barry Goudreau? You got Barry Goudreau's endorsement? How silly. Everyone knows that when it comes to political endorsements from former members of Boston, Sib Hashian is the real prize. No one delivers the splendidly afro'd Armenian-American drummer-percussionist-vocalist vote like Sib.

In other developments:

* Kerry Livgren of Kansas has pledged to deliver the people of the southwind for Huckabee.

* Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon has promised to keep ridin' the storm out with fellow Illinoisan Barack Obama.

* Steve Perry of Journey will be lovin', touchin', squeezin' Hillary Clinton.

* Steve Lukather of Toto will hold the line with Mitt Romney.

* Dennis DeYoung of Styx has decided to come sail away with Ron Paul.

* Geddy Lee of Rush is Canadian, and can't vote.

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