Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Day

I'm not sure what holiday we're celebrating today. According to my Welch Bros. wall calendar ("The Flyin' W Delivers"), it's "Presidents' Day." According to my Commerce Trust Company date book, it's "Presidents Day." According to, "President's Day" is also used interchangeably with the other two, which means that either Washington or Lincoln is getting the big dis.

Then again, maybe Lincoln is getting the big dis. Snopes further reports that President Nixon signed an order on February 11, 1971, "defining the third Monday in February as a holiday, and the announcement of that Executive Order identified the day as 'Washington's Birthday.'" And Nixon certainly wouldn't have lied to us, would he?

As with MLK Day, my preference would be celebrate the presidential holiday on Thomas Jefferson's birthday (April 13) or on the day Lincoln was shot (April 14). We don't have much use for a holiday in February, but one in springtime would be sweet.

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